Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Oh my hat, Dillinger AND Yellowman AND Lee Scratch Perry at Colchester Arts Centre !

After The Abyssinians played there last summer Colchester Arts Centre seems to be on the circuit for Jamaican bands touring the UK. Within a few weeks of each other I've recently had the pleasure of seeing, hearing and indeed drawing first, Dillinger and Yellowman  (both backed by the excellent Sagittarius Band, who didn't even pause for a moment or a drink between the two headliners), and second, Lee Scratch Perry and The Upsetters, who were supported by a cracking local band, Hobo Chang - www.hobochang.co.uk .
Anyway, I managed to get down to the front and, with some discreet illumination from the phone torch, get these pen drawings done. I used a 0.2mm Unipin fineliner in a Pink Pig spiral-bound A6 sketchbook and coloured them in with watercolour later.

A couple of Dillinger, one with The Sagittarius band behind...
.... and a couple of Yellowman, one with the band.
Hobo Chang ....
.... The Upsetters ...
... and Lee Scratch Perry !
(yes, that is a birthday cake on his head, with lit candles too)

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