Monday, 4 July 2011

Commissions and Rachel

A couple of recent commissions, both oils on canvas. Big Cloud II is 24" x 24" and is a view looking over Tollesbury Fleet towards West Mersea, while From Old Hall is 24" x 12" and shows the marshes and creeks at low tide with the Tollesbury skyline in the distance.
Both of these works came about as a result of customers seeing Big Cloud/Small Boy (look on the 'Landscapes' page) but wanting smaller paintings and, in the case of From Old Hall, a painting where the colours of the mud and marsh were more important than a dramatic sky.

The portrait is of our friend Rachel, and is sort of inspired by Goya's Dona Isabel de Porcel ( in the National Gallery). This one is acrylic and measures up at 36" x 24".



Monday, 7 March 2011

Two new paintings

A couple of new paintings from Saunders & Co.
First, a copy of a copy. A present for our daughter -Vermeer's Girl with a Pearl Earring signed by Camilla Fritton, Headmistress of St. Trinian's. This is oil on canvas and, at 18" x 12", a little smaller than the original - and the original copy !

Second, our well-used glass jug - freesias, irises and now lysianthus. This is 30" x 18", is also painted in oils on canvas and is for sale, framed, at £750.

Jug of lysianthus
Oil on canvas 30" x 18"