Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Thurrock Thameside Nature Park sketches

I heard the very interesting programme, Shared Planet, on Radio 4 yesterday morning, which included a report from the former landfill site in south Essex on the banks of the Thames that is now Thurrock Thameside Nature Park. This prompted me to look out and post these old drawings that I did there on a gloriously sunny yet very windy day last November.
They're done with a 0.2mm Unipin waterproof ink pen and watercolours in an A6 Pink Pig sketchbook.









Saturday, 2 November 2013

Lou Reed Window

As a fan of Lou Reed since the late 70s I thought the least I could do to mark his death last Sunday was to paint an instantly recognizable image of him on our studio window: hence this, the cover of his 1972 album Transformer. The picture's had a lot of  recognition and appreciation this week - I didn't know he had so many fans in Tollesbury.
It's painted in the same way as previous windows (Advent Calendar, Caravaggio's Adoration of the Shepherds, Diamond Jubilee, Etta James), on the inside of the glass in acrylics.