Sketchbooks Two: Music

A selection from the small sketchbooks that I've taken to festivals, gigs and band practices over the last few years. The first dozen or so are from WOMAD 2011, then a few Glastonbury ones, various gigs and finally some local friends' parties and that sort of thing. There are more sketches of musicians in the blogs; take a look at 4 August 2012 (Latitude Festival), 3 June 2013 (The Abyssinians), 7 April 2014 (Maverick Festival) and 22 April 2014 (Lee Scratch Perry). They're  drawn in A6 size sketchbooks (about 6" x 4") with a fine waterproof pen then coloured in with watercolour.


....and here are some more, this time with captions too.

Dave:  Roger Ripcurl band practice

The 'curl at Bob's party

Stephen and Dave from The 'curl with John Bissell: Billy's 8th Birthday at Hazeleigh Wood

John Dorsett at an Acoustic Night

Bob's sister and her husband at Bob's party