Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Hazeleigh Wood pen and inks

These are three A4 pen and watercolour studies from Hazeleigh Wood last autumn - two show the charcoal kiln in action and the third a view through the trees from one of the many paths.
All three are for sale, framed, at £120 each.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Watercolour landscapes/ hand-made paper

These are of couple of Julie's paper cut-outs turned back into watercolours, but still keeping the crisp edges and bright colours that using cut paper allows. They're painted on some of Charles Bran's hand-made paper, which he makes from all manner of plants and leaves - honeysuckle, bramble, seaweed and more. Take a look at his interesting website,

Tollesbury: high water

The current new painting in the studio window shows the view at high tide, on a strangely warm January day, from the old sea wall, looking towards the lightship, boatyards and sail lofts.  

Tollesbury: high water
Acrylic on canvas  30" x 15"

Monday, 12 March 2012

Paper cut-out landscapes cards for sale

As mentioned on the Paper Cut-Out Landscapes page, we've now got a fine selection of postcards, greetings cards and sets of note cards for sale at the studio and also at The Loft.
Here are a couple of pictures of (almost all) the full range. The lower one also shows a couple of  Julie's original paper cut-outs mounted and framed.

Etta James window

We had a memorial to the great Etta James in our window for a couple of weeks, after she passed away in January. It's just a simple line drawing - like the linear portraits - in acrylics on the inside of the glass.
The photo on the left is from the outside looking in to the studio, while the grainy one on the right is from the inside looking out, as the winter sun is setting.

Pen and watercolour mural

This photo shows the end wall of our studio with a new mural idea. It's taken from a sketch of the view from the breached sea wall over the saltmarsh to Old Hall Farm.  Originally A6, it's been blown up to 60" x 40" and painted as accurately as possible directly onto the wall in acrylics, so it still looks like pen and watercolour.
Take a look on the 'Paintings for Sale' page too for another couple of sketchbook pages blown up and painted onto other surfaces.