Sketchbooks One

Pen or pencil and watercolour sketchbook work is usually undertaken for its own sake, or sometimes as studies for paintings. However, several of the following drawings are from a sketchbook filled on our friends' wedding day, then given to the couple afterwards. You can commission Julie or Tim as artist-in-residence to record any occasion.
Have a look at the blogs too for more sketchbook stuff, especially 28 March 2012 ( Hazeleigh Wood ), 30 October 2013 ( Brightlingsea Boat Race ), and 6 November 2013 ( Thurrock Thameside Nature Park ), and on the 'Paintings for Sale' page for some novel interpretations of these sketchbook pages: a couple of landscape sketches blown-up and painted in acrylics onto driftwood recovered from the locations of the original sketches.