Friday, 4 May 2012

Southwold murals old and new.

In 2003 Tim painted a 8' x 12' mural on the end wall of the house adjacent to our friends' place in Southwold. Building work and damp problems over the years resulted in rerendering the wall and the mural disappeared. A new one was commissioned (this time on an interior wall) and is currently a work in progress.
The first mural was painted with masonry paint tinted with tester pots, and was inspired by the look of old railway posters. The new one is based on a pen and watercolour sketch of a similar view of Blackshore, with Southwold beyond, from the Walberswick side of the River Blyth. It's blown up to about seven feet wide and is painted in acrylics, trying to keep the spontaneous look of the original. Take a look at the March 2012 blogs to see another mural painted using the same method.
The pictures below show the old outside mural soon after it was painted, then the watercolour sketch the new one is based on, and finally the new one - so far, just painted lines.